Notion for Music Practice

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Notion for Music Practice

A Musical Notion
3 ratings

Practice like a PRO using Notion

Notion for Music Practice is the first practice journal of its kind.

With the option to choose from a simple practice log database to a comprehensive practice studio workspace, Notion for Music Practice is built for musicians – novices and professionals alike.*

Notion for Music Practice Will Help You:

  • Create a clear plan for your practice sessions. No more walking into the practice room without a clue what to work on!
  • Develop a centering routine to get you into a focused mental state at the beginning of your practice session.
  • Track your practice sessions and identify patterns over time, which will help you...
  • Discover when/how/where you practice most effectively, so you can adjust your practice habits accordingly and start making greater progress with your music practice.

Who doesn't want to make quicker progress in the practice room?

Choose from three versions:

  • FREE Database Template (Beginner-friendly)
  • BASIC Dashboard Template (Beginner-friendly)
  • PREMIUM Workspace Template (Intermediate-Advanced user)

Become a better musician with Notion today.

Still not convinced?

Check out my LIVE online Practice Studio for a sneak peak into a stylized version of the Premium template offer!

You will need a Notion account to access this template.

Create your Notion account here!

*Best for ages 13+


Can I get a discount or get this for free?

I do not offer general discounts for my products. I do offer a free template to beta testers on new templates in exchange for feedback and a testimonial. Sign up for future beta testing opportunities here.

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

I include a teaser trailer that gives a full preview of the template so you know exactly what you're getting before purchase. However, I am SO CONFIDENT in this template that I am offering a 30-day 100% refund, no questions asked. Just reach out to me at hello@tasiamalone.com with the subject line REFUND if you need one for any reason.

Still have questions?

Feel free to DM me on twitter @tasiacreates or email me at hello@tasiamalone.com


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I want this!
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